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Strobe 3000 Aura

Atomic 3000 LED Strobe Light (Aura RGB Color)
ELS-3000 Aura

Atomic 3000 LED Strobe Light (Aura RGB Color)
Atomic 3000 LED Strobe light with same channel as martin Atomic 3000 strobe. It has two LED arrays, the Beam is a high-intensity array that gives powerful strobe and blinder effects, the Aura gives RGB effects that light up the front of the fixture to complement or contrast with the output from the Beam. And the 3000 LED offers strobe effects from the Beam with variable flash rate, flash duration and intensity. It also offers the following pre-programmed effects, ramp up/down intensity modulation effects, random flashes, simulates the instantly recognizable ‘dirty’ flash of a lightning strike, low-intensity light output with high-intensity flashes. AS well Blinder effects,to obtain a continuous blinder effect, set flash duration to a long value and flash rate to a high frequency value so that flashes ‘overlap’ and merge into continuous light output. On the other hand, Aura RGB Color from 64x 0.6w RGB LEDs (in backlight) array, extended DMX mode gives control of the Aura. You can set Aura color with independent RGB control and you can also control overall Aura intensity. The four different dimming curve options available in the fixture’s control menus apply to both the Beam and the Aura dimming curves.

Key points:

lWith same Channel as Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe

lHigh brightness 228x3W white LEDs Strobe

lAura LED PCB with 64x 0.6w RGB LEDs (in backlight) array

l0-100% linear dimmer, quite smoothly

l8 bits per color plus 8-bit dimming,flicker-free

lControl panel with backlit monochrome display

lAchieve smooth LED fading with built-in dimming curves

lCompact and lightweight design

lWhite and black housing are available

lAngle adjustable stand, fit for watch different area

Specification :

LED: 228x3W white Leds

Aura LED PCB: 64x 0.6w RGB LEDs

Led Color :WHITE OR RGB 3in1


Life Span: 80000Hrs


Power Supply: AC 90-260V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 700W


Lumen:45568 lux@2m


Beam Angle: 135°

Control Mode: DMX512, master-slave, sound activated or auto operation
DMX Channels: 3/5/18/20/12/26CH

Auto -Run :Multi preset internal programs 


Display: LCD Menu Display+4 buttons

Housing :Cast aluminum

Color :Black

Dimmer :0-100% linear dimmer 

Strobe :0-20HZ 


Power :PowerCon connection in & out

DMX :3pin or 5pin in & out

Weight: 7 kg
Dimension: 500x 240x 340mm


Flightcase of 4pcs strobe light  :

Gross Weight: 56kg

Power Cable

Signal Cable

PowerCon Jump cable

Safety Cable

Hanging Clamp

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