Moving Head Light

E-Lites Moving Head Light series is with carefully selected high quality and reliable components for our lighting products. It is the optimization combination by strictly manufacturing management systems, considered after-sales service and excellent materials. Four kinds of Moving Head is included. LED Wash Moving Head Light-equipped RGBW 4in1, RGBWA 5in1 or RGBWA+UV 6in1 LED source. It combines supersaturated wash, breathtaking beam and amazing zoom function. An excellent user-friendly operating system, high-quality color mixing and color wash effect and perfect performance. E-Lites LED Wash Moving Head Light is widely used in television, disco, dance halls, nightclubs, large-scale performances and other professional venues.
Beam Moving Head Light – installed 5R, 7R, 9R, 10R, 15R, 17R, 19R, 20R discharged-lamp and high resolution & precise optics. Combined with a full complement of professional characteristics including a static gobo wheel, color wheel, prism system, linear electronic frost, motorized linear focus. LED Beam Moving Head Light -has LED white high brightness lamp. Beam moving head in LED source in compact housing, high efficiency, low power consumption, long lifetime, low noise and efficient FAN cooling system. LED Spot Moving Head Light – equipped LED white high brightness lamp. Output high brightness GOBO effect and wash effect via frost function.