E-Lites is a professional stage lighting manufacturers in Guangzhou, China. Carefully selected high quality and reliable components for our lighting products. All products of E-Lites is an optimization combination by strictly manufacturing management system, considered after-sales service and excellent materials.
E-Lites product consists of professional stage light, such as Beam Moving Head, Spot Moving Head, LED Wash Moving Head, Par Can, Wireless Battery Led Lights, LED Profile Spot, Led COB Audience Blinder, LED Strobe Light and Laser Light. Architectural lighting includes outdoor wash lights, such as LED Wall Wash Light, Led Bar Light, LED City Color Wash Light. LED Display Screen including Indoor and outdoor. We also produce DMX Controller for lightings.
The most popular product from E-Lites is LED Wash Moving Head and Battery WDMX Led Uplighting. The Sharp Eye is the Ace product of E-Lites factory which is a highly creative visual effect light, performance wash light and a mid-air beam light. This is a perfect LED-based moving head that is packed with a diverse feature set at an affordable price. Annual sales to BEE EYE Moving Head, 19x15W Aura Led Zoom Moving Head Light and Wireless Battery Led Par is 10000 units.
With years-experienced engineers, production team & service group. We provide high-quality lighting products, as well as the technical support basic on the products mentioned above.